Our research team conducts specialized and targeted research on behalf of a client from research design through data collection, analysis, reporting and presentation. All through our team of experts make sure that project requirements are met within your specifications, timeline, and budget. By engaging highly specialized and experienced ICRD experts, our clients save time and money in areas the client’s full-time staff do not have expertise.  In addition, our experts can be engaged on short term projects where they work alongside clients’ team in developing specific products.

We offer the following research services:

1. Data support

  • Mobile Phone Data Collection Applications
  • Data collection, Management & Analysis
  • Ms Excel applications & Data analytics

2. Social research

  • Baseline Assessments
  • Midline Surveys
  • End of project Evaluations
  • Operational Research


3. Market research

  • Brand Research: this research helps with creating and managing a customer brand or identity which Consist of the images, narratives, and characteristics people associate with it.
  • Consumer Insights: this research does tell our customers who their customers are and what they do. It reveals why their customers behave in certain ways and helps our clients leverage that to meet their business goals.
  • Competitive Analysis: This helps our clients to assess their competitor’s strengths and weaknesses in the marketplace, enabling them to drive competitive advantage.
  • Customer Satisfaction Research: This research measures our clients’ customers’ experiences with products or services, specifically looking at how those meet, exceed, or fail to live up to their expectations.
  • Customer Segmentation Research: This stud assists our clients to divide markets or customers into smaller groups or personas with similar characteristics to enable targeted marketing. By understanding how people in each category behave, our clients understand how each influences revenue
  • Product development: This research use customer knowledge to inform the entire process of creating or improving a product, service, or app, and bringing it to market

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