21st Century has witnessed impacts of Climate Change in many sectors. Having healthy ecosystems play a significant role in providing services to adjust to climate change. Communities have always sought to protect themselves and their valued assets from natural pressures and reduce their vulnerabilities. Recently, increasing interest is being directed towards adaptation approaches that use ecosystem services to build socio-ecological resilience for extreme climatic events.

Ecosystem Based Adaptation Management (EBAM) use various approaches for the sustainable management, conservation, and restoration of ecosystems so as to provide services that empower people to adapt to the impacts of climate change. EBAM has spearheaded initiatives that assess vulnerability, capacity building, and policy measures that have economic, environmental, social and cultural benefits that safeguards livelihood sustenance and food security, conservation of has biodiversity, sustainable water management, and disaster risk reduction, among other benefits.


This course that is delivered through interactive lectures and case studies aims to provide competency and skills to technical staff to create cutting edge adaptation measures based on best available knowledge and technical information.



At the end of this training you will be able to:

  • Explain the role of ecosystem services to respond to the adverse impacts of climate change and it can be used at multiple scales and in different sectors
  • Design effective measures that help vulnerable communities adapt to climate change through the use of ecosystems and their integration into national development
  • Identify interventions that reduce vulnerability and restore natural capital
  • Use and integrate local and national institutional capacity development for an ecosystem management approach to adaptation

The target groups are humanitarian and development management practitioners, non-governmental workers and government staff.

Detailed Course Description

For detailed course description and content write to training@ic4rd.org


To register, please download the application form below and submit to training@ic4rd.org

Training topics can be requested by writing to training@ic4rd.org

Cost: USD 750 for individuals; 650 for groups above 10 participants.

Training fee includes conference package (training venue, tea/coffee, lunch, snacks, wifi etc)

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